PP Stationery
Paper management is the ability to arrange, organize, preserve, protect and present official documents in a manner that benefit the stature of a company or an individual. The neo system catalogued here create order out of chaos; they introduce the element of efficiency is what has traditionally been an area of neglect though no fault of yours.

For years, you've had to make do with PVC and cardboard files and folders that tear and dog-ear, passing their afflictions on to the papers they house, But now, with the coming of neo, things have changed. Neo systems are most innovative, elegant and useful stationery evolved from Polypropylene. They come in wide range of styles, colours and textures.

Neo system are intelligent and businesslike. There are natty portfolios with a flip-chart arrangement. Visiting card holders colour coded for ease of reference. Ring binders that don't sag at the spine or come apart at the seams. Display books for cleatr view presentations without letting documents stick to the pockets. Conference folders that speak for true professionals and businessmen. They resist water, easy to clean, never frays, biodegradable, lasts long and long. Each one fashioned in techniques pioneered by leading authority on the subject : MEHTA HWA FUH